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Our application process

Our philosophy

When it comes to interviewing, we focus on outcomes instead of processes. We believe your experience should be collaborative and enjoyable. Your attributes, attitude and credibility mean more to us than your pedigree.
Our thought process Our thought process

Our thought process

We aim to have no more than three interview stages, which could entail multiple steps per stage. While each role has its own set of attributes, our overall goal is for you to get to know us and vice versa. The bottom line? We simply want to hire the right people for our projects by assessing your potential to learn and grow. That’s it.
Remote interviewing Remote interviewing

Remote interviewing

The world has changed and so has how we interview. Our interview process is now conducted 100% virtually—and it works. As a candidate, you'll get more flexibility with where and when you interview, meaning you have more time to prepare for what matters most: getting comfortable and excited to meet with us.

Some tips from us

Whether you’re about to click the ‘apply’ button or head into your first interview, we want you to feel confident (and excited!) to meet with us. To help you feel more prepared, members of our recruiting team have shared some of their top tips and insight into what to expect from the interview process.

Be yourself Be yourself

Be yourself

Your initial chat with a recruiter will be casual and candid. Don’t worry about being anything but yourself. We’re getting to know each other, so authenticity is key. (And ask a lot of questions!)

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Experience over resume Experience over resume

Experience over resume

While a current and thorough resume, CV, or LinkedIn profile is always important for first impressions, it’s not something we want you to lose sleep over. We’re more interested in what you bring to the table than a perfect resume. Come prepared to discuss things like how you approach collaboration and ways you’ve grown through self-reflection.

No trick questions, no one-upping

Each person you meet will be working with you, getting to know your attributes and observing how you work. We’ve worked hard to cultivate an inclusive, vibrant community of Thoughtworkers and we hope that resonates with you when you meet us. 

Think outside the tech Think outside the tech

Think outside the tech

We’re an opinionated bunch here at Thoughtworks. We’re passionate about topics like social change, inclusivity and the unintended consequences of technology. We’ll talk about some of these things with you so we can get to know each other better.

It's in our DNA. See what it means to be a Thoughtworker.