10 Oct 2018

Experience Design

Customer learning for product success

Jonny Schneider

8 Oct 2018


How modern IT is like TETRIS and how TOPS makes sense of everything

Dino Frese

5 Oct 2018


The top 5 mistakes you’re making when it comes to customer loyalty

Emma Carter

30 Sep 2018

Careers & Culture

[Episode 2] A Day in the Life of a ThoughtWorks' Tech Lead: Minna Yao

Minna Yao

27 Sep 2018

Technology Strategy

Why products fail: five tips for product teams

Lauren Barrett and Linda Luu

25 Sep 2018

Careers & Culture

Tips to making a ‘lateral move’ work

Sarang Sanjay Kulkarni

20 Sep 2018

Careers & Culture

[Episode 1] A Day in the Life of a ThoughtWorks' Tech Lead: Robin Doherty

Robin Doherty

17 Sep 2018


Frictionless and inclusive technology

Matthew Johnston

10 Sep 2018

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

EmoPy: a machine learning toolkit for emotional expression

Angelica Perez

2 Sep 2018


Unriddling Big Data file formats

Balaji Sivaraman and Nithish Sankaranarayanan

30 Aug 2018

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Recognizing human facial expressions with machine learning

Angelica Perez

27 Aug 2018


100 Years of Computer Science

Chris Ford

23 Aug 2018

Careers & Culture

25 and still counting

Patti Mandarino

17 Aug 2018


Technology changed my life

Effy Elden

8 Aug 2018


Let’s talk: Making the uncomfortable comfortable

Mayase Jere

1 Aug 2018


IoT: Smart Ecosystems are door openers for new business models

Bernd Günter

30 Jul 2018

Agile Project Management

Four goals of agile documentation: Part two

Birgitta Böckeler

25 Jul 2018


5 Success Factors for Building Best-in-Class Digital Customer Experiences

Natalie Hollier

24 Jul 2018

Mobile First

Write quality mobile apps in any architecture

Leandro Alonso

19 Jul 2018

Data Science & Engineering

Fertile data: why building quality into your process is important

Danilo Sato

17 Jul 2018

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

How art programs drive innovation at ThoughtWorks

Andrew McWilliams

11 Jul 2018

Agile Project Management

Four goals of Agile documentation: Part one

Birgitta Böckeler

9 Jul 2018


Evolving ThoughtWorks’ internal IT to solve broader cross-cutting problems

Meaghan Waters